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Help Finding Our Email

Allow at least five minutes to receive in your inbox and make sure your Internet is working.

If you still haven't found, there's a good chance it's in

your junk or Spam

Iphone Steps

1) Open Apple Mail app, select "Mailboxes" in top left corner


2) Scroll down in to see the exact email you used, make sure its in bold, it should already be in expanded view where you can see a "Junk" if you don't see make sure you click the arrow down next to the bold email.

3) If you still haven't found the email feel free enter a different email or re-enter same email again (you might've made a typo the first time) Re-enter your email

junk folder highlight.png

On Gmail Browser Steps

1)Click More

2)Click Spam

gmail 1 more-option.jpg
gmail spam-option.jpg
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